PHALUT " Trekking route of Phalut"

About Phalut

The word Phalut which is derived from the Lepcha word Fak-Luk, means "Barren Peak". The area and even the last stretch to Phalut is actually quite barren. This is quite a contrast to the dense forests that are so common at the lower levels. But from Sandakphu for a long way you will pass through unabated beauty of the nature before you reach Phalut. On the way there are rhododendron trees of various types that bloom with colorful flowers during April to May. You will also pass through forests of oaks, chestnut trees, magnolias and silver firs. 


Elevation                 : 3595 m

Weather                  : Winter  - Minimum  0 °C , Maximum  10 °C ( Approx )

                                   Summer - Minimum  9 °C , Maximum  15 °C ( Approx )

Humidity                  : 45%

Best Time to Visit  : March , April , May , June-Mid , October / November / December .

Language Used      :  Nepali , Hindi , English , Bengali Etc


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Phalut trekking route


Phalut trekking route