LAMAHATTA " Romantic Lamahata"

About Lamahata

Lamahatta is an ultimate example of how eco-tourism can change a place for the better. The place has been developed as an eco-tourism site in the year 2012. The place with its vast stretches of huge conifers and pine along with the majestic mountain views offers a pacific and idyllic destination.

It is said that some Buddhist monks used to stay here before independence. The word “Lamahatta” is derived from the words “Lama” meaning a Buddhist monk and “hatta” meaning a hut. So Lamahatta actually turns out to be a hermitage. Indeed the beauty of the landscape of this place makes for a unique destination.


Elevation                : 5700 ft.

Population             : 10 thousand approx.

Weather                 : Winter  - Minimum  5 °C , Maximum  17 °C ( Approx )

                                 Summer - Minimum  12 °C , Maximum  20 °C ( Approx )

Humidity                 : 40%

Best Time to Visit  : March , April , May , June-Mid , October / November / December .

Language Used      :  Nepali , Hindi , English , Bengali Etc


Popular Spots Of Sightseeing are

Lamhata Park


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Places to Visit


Lamhata View


Lamhata View