LINGTHAM " Splendor of Silk route"

About Lingtham

Lingtums’s sunshine and pleasant weather throughout the year makes it one of the favourite spots to stop and have a peek in the monasteries and have a cup of tea on your journey to the chilling high-altitude destinations of Silk Route. Lingtum has two monasteries – the old monastery has some nice murals on this walls whereas the new monastery is more spacious and has a glamorous meditation hall.


Elevation               : 5000 ft   

Weather                : Winter  - Minimum  3 °C , Maximum  15 °C ( Approx )

                                 Summer - Minimum  12 °C , Maximum  18 °C ( Approx )

Humidity                : 50%

Best Time to Visit  : March , April , May , June-Mid , October / November / December .

Language Used      :  Nepali , Hindi , English , Bengali Etc


Popular Spots Of Sightseeing are

aritar, Zuluk, Gnathang


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